79. Jefferson - 4 Points

1730 State Route 213, Steubenville

Owned by Mary Grafton, this red barn is no. 79 in the Bicentennial barn painting series. It is the eighth of 17 barns painted in the 2002 season, the final year of the 88-county project. Bicentennial barn painter Scott Hagan added finishing touches to the barn July 12, 2002.

From Bill Berry:
Heads-up on the barn in Jefferson county(Stuebenville) if you haven't been
there yet, don't be tricked by the "Welcome" sign. I thought that meant come down the heavily rutted, steep downhill, graveled driveway to get close to the barn for a photo. But once down there, there was a chain across the drive before you can see the barn. Oh the joy of 5-pointing a u-turn on a heavily rutted, steep downhill, graveled driveway. Take the side road (a little better) or just park in the carry-out's lot next door.

There was no chain up when I was there... but the cows stared me down and made me feel uncomfortable.